We unexpectedly receive lovely emails almost daily at info@eenimeeni.com from our customers expressing themselves and the experience they’ve had with our products. Our passionate team love reading them and you might too! Here’s just a few – there are too many to list them all sorry!


Would it be crazy to say I'd buy as many of your amazing bibs as possible? My son is teething and goes through a few a day so I'm constantly washing them and I'd also keep a few up my sleeve for baby showers and birthdays as they are the one item I tell everyone about. There is simply no other bib on the market that is as absorbent and neutral coloured as the quality eeni bibs! Kate C

Your Bibs are undoubtedly the best bibs in the world! Such a great size and fit perfectly around my little man’s neck so when he feeds himself his clothes underneath don’t need changing! I love the simple design/colours (no ugly prints!) they go with anything I put on him.
So absorbent also…my husband refers to them as the “Industrial bib!” Laura T

Just a short note to say “THANK YOU” for your great customer service. I ordered some gorgeous bibs for my daughter online on Wednesday afternoon and they arrived first thing this morning. Can’t wait for her to use them. Your bibs are the ONE AND ONLY BIB in our household :-))) Monique M

I received my web order yesterday – thank you for following up. The bibs will be put to good use as we often have family dinners with many young grandchildren. I have been purchasing eeni meeni miini moh merchandise for several years and always find the product of wonderful quality and now your customer service exceptional. Thank you again! Mara G

Sleeping Cocoon

Last week I purchased one of your Sleeping Cocoons from my local store. OMG! I have a 7 month old daughter who has never slept through the night :( We put her in it and she slept through the night for the first time ever and has done so every night since (we are up to 5 nights in a row now!!!). Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am going out to buy another one today for when this one is in the wash! Louise B

Thanks for the email to check that my web order arrived. I received my items very quickly! I absolutely love the Sleeping Cocoon. It is the only high quality, long-sleeved version on the market that I have come across. Johannah VDT

I would like to compliment the eeni meeni team on such a great product, packaging and service. My 15 month old son loves his new sleeping bag!!! I order lots of things online and the packaging of your products is the best I’ve seen so far. I will definitely be back to order more! Erika S

Hi - My little one is snug as a bug in his sleeping bag – I am waiting for him to get the hang of sleeping through the night now that he is warm. My eldest requests to get in his sleeping bag at all times of day and night, he loves it that much! He is also sleeping much better now that I don’t need to worry about him getting cold because he has squirmed his way out of the covers. Thank you for a wonderful product, prompt delivery and the consideration for follow up the order. Sally M

Last night was the first night my baby boy slept in your long sleeve sleeping bag, 13 hours later and he is still snuggled up in bed.  This is the longest he has ever slept in his 22 months.  The bag must be as warm, soft and cosy as it looks!  Thank you xx Rachel J


I have been buying your brand for 5 yrs now (for my two children) and it is still fantastic.  I found it difficult to find in the stores so buying online works really well for me and your service is great.  I frequently get comments from people admiring their eeni clothes and I have forwarded your link to many friends who have asked about where they were from. Thanks again! Melissa S

Love your brand. I would dress my kids in it exclusively if I could afford it all. Everything that I have that is eeni meeni lasts longer and looks nicer than anything else that they own! Your clothes are fabulous. Taryn L

Hello - I wanted to let you know that I have been very happy with the couple of orders I have placed with you so far. My goods were received in record time and as beautiful as I expected them to be. I really loved the bibs and was drawn to them after reading a review. I receive many compliments on my little bub's sleeping bag also, it's beautiful (I think I bought it from your website along with a shirt?). I do a lot of shopping online and I have never come across a business that treats their customers like you treat yours. The detail and quality of your clothing is second to none. Anne-Marie M

Big hugs and love to the e3-M fam bam, especially Vicki. I have never come across a more efficient, friendly and dedicated team…and unfortunately for my credit card I have come across more than my fair share. Vicki, you are awesome. My lil’ Miss 2.5 thanks you for all her goodies. She was yelling “I’m so exciting Mummy!” (lol), as she opened the package I had only ordered 2 days ago. Thank you again for making my shopping experience so wonderful. Only regret I didn’t order the other dress I was eyeing and two more cardigans…oh yeah and another skegging (now sold out!) XO Mischa’s Mummy

Hi - I have just received my order and was very impressed by the outfit and how quickly I received the item. My order was placed at 4pm yesterday and I received it at 1pm today. Very happy and will definitely be purchasing again. Many thanks for the great service. Nick K

I received my order thank you - nice and quick as usual. I'm thrilled with it. The dress is a birthday gift for my daughter so it’s still tucked away at the moment but I'm looking forward to pulling it out and trying it on her. I am a huge fan of EMMM and my children's wardrobes certainly reflect that. Even my son, who is nearly 10 and really doesn't care much for clothes, particularly likes the brand and will not wear any other pyjamas :). Thank you again. Lana

Hi - I absolutely LOVE the brand. I have been buying it for my 3 kids since I had my first 9 years ago and I did receive my latest order and as always, it was packaged beautifully. Keep it up! Jill A

I received my web order in quick time which was much appreciated - all as ordered. I am a long time lover of EMMM and love the convenience of being able to happily shop to my hearts content online. I have three little people (4, 2, 6 weeks) and a business and I don't often get a chance to get out and shop. With your product, I know the sizes well, know that it's exceptional quality so I have no hesitation in online ordering. Although, I was a bit disappointed that you're already out of some AW12 stock (the Little Red Riding Hood applique top) - so I'll have to check back regularly to see if more comes in! Once again, a big thank you for the ever stylish and quality product you produce! I've attached a pic of my newest 'pure newborn' - I think she was about 48hrs old!! Pru H

Hi eeni meeni - As usual the shipping was prompt and the clothes arrived and are a beautiful fit and stunning design. I'm going to have to buy part of the business at this rate with all my purchases! Keep up the good work! Cheers, Dr Richard S (Yes…male feedback…we love it!)

I received my order - thankyou. And in only 3 days! I absolutely love the pants and top. I am constantly impressed by your fantastic service. I have no hesitations in ordering your products online; firstly they are of the highest quality and the service just tops it off! So thank you! Erin P

Hi - I just had to show you a photo of my 4 month old baby girl Adele in your jumpsuit I received in the mail from you today. I love, love, love your clothes. I have a 3 year old girl too and I’m eying your signature dress for her. It’s just too cute!! Thanks for the package and speedy delivery. You make beautiful clothes. Justine I

Dear eeni meeni - I received my order and it was really quick and efficient. I absolutely love the items that I got. I have to add for your information that I have a 12 year old girl and my God it is such a hard age to buy for – I have a 7 year old girl as well and I can get clothes for her anywhere but my oldest is in such a hard age bracket. I live in rural Victoria with no access to decent retail so I do pretty much all of my shopping online. I just wanted to let you know that I am so thrilled to find clothes for that age, online, of that quality and that doesn’t try to make her look like she’s 20! So needless to say you’ll be receiving a lot of orders from me!!. Thanks again for your great product and great service. Tracy R

Hi eeni meeni - As a big fan of eeni meeni miini moh for all of my 3 kids I attach a photo of my children’s gorgeous eeni meeni miini moh & e3-M clothes. So many I had trouble fitting them all on the table and getting them all in the photo but I think you'll get the idea…RE: how we are big fans of eeni here! x
I have probably about 20 of your PURE Newborn sleeping sacks, lots of dresses, leggings, t-shirts, long sleeve shirts and tops, jeans, hats, beanies, scarfs, headbands, pjs, bibs, singlets, hats, booties, mittens, jumpsuits, t-shirt and short sets, wraps, sheet set, woolen blanket, many thin sleeping bags and I also have several of the 2.5 tog sleeping bags. A big fan! Megan H