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about us

Mission Statement
eeni meeni miini moh® + e3-M® are innovative children’s lifestyle brands driven by a team of creative-minded people committed to delivering a contemporary yet timeless product of the highest standard. The passion to create that stems from within is the foundation of our vision – our source of energy.  By combining timeless design principles that reflect current attitudes, we create a multitude of options in our distinctive colour palette to capture attention and encourage individuality.

Vision Statement
Our vision at eeni meeni miini moh® / e3-M® is to continue to be recognized as a premium children’s lifestyle brand for our inherent design language and individual presence.

Our unique lifestyle collections of Apparel, Bedlinen, Toys and Accessories for children 0-12 years are our interpretation of exploring the connection between textiles and the creative process.  Each collection embodies our habitual characteristics of combining natural fibres with a harmonious palette. From global inspiration we create innovative, practical, contemporary products that reflect the lifestyle and attitude of today’s urbane child.  Each piece is filled with the heart + soul of a truly passionate team and should provide enjoyment to everyone with an interest in design.

eeni meeni miini moh® Pure Newborn (0-3 months)
Through the combination of natural fibres, assorted textures and a distinctive palette, we have designed a collection of timeless essentials to nurture and shape your newborn’s environment.

Seasonal Collections Apparel
Our Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter Collections combine the essential elements of our design language – line, form, colour and texture. Primarily created from natural fibres, our pieces attribute function, quality and effortless detail.

eeni meeni miini moh® Seasonal Collections (0-5 years) are created for babies/children aged six months to five years. Expressive artwork including our signature naïve figurative drawings for the little people, shapes our character.  

e3-M® Seasonal Collections (2 -12 years) are an expressive brand extension of eeni meeni miini moh® for the older kid. Available in sizes 2-12, the e3-M® label is ripe and mature, with pieces that make an astute collection for the urbane kid who is now more aware and streetwise.  The e3-M® kid is individual, positive + energetic, adventurous and confident. eeni meeni miini moh® and e3-M® colour combinations fuse, mix and match harmoniously allowing for the assembly of a variety of ensembles, encouraging individuality.

The strength of our corporate culture is expressed through the enthusiasm of our people. Our team have passion and a strong desire to succeed. There is a commitment from our people to maintain and always strive to improve the standard of products and service to our customers.

Social Responsibility,
eeni meeni miini moh® / e3-M® is passionate about embracing its responsibility to people and the planet.  We strive to treat our team, our customers and our suppliers with respect, dignity and fairness.  We are committed to ethical sourcing and we select suppliers that share our beliefs.  Our suppliers agree to our Code of Conduct which requires them, among other things, to operate in accordance with internationally recognised minimum standards on human rights, labour, banned substances and the environment.

eeni meeni miini moh® / e3-M® is dedicated to supporting community projects and as such has determined a program of regular commitment.  Each year, eeni meeni miini moh® / e3-M® contributes to a diverse group of organizations including children’s hospitals, orphanages, and educational projects (facilities/schools), community groups and international charities.  Since commencing trading in 2002, we have donated in excess of $250 000.00 to underprivileged children in the form of clothing and monetary.

We consider the environment wherever possible and providing a better future for children around the world.

eeni meeni miini moh® / e3-M® are committed to the well-being and protection of all the children used in our marketing material.  These images are used to legitimately promote our products and for no other reason.  Use of these images in any manner inconsistent with this purpose will result in eeni meeni miini moh® / e3-M® taking legal action to protect the interests of the children involved.

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